Most Promo Online Store with Special Offers

There are lots of online store sites that can be used for shopping, we can get millions of products there easily. The complete collection makes it easy for us to find any product online through the e-commerce site. Sometimes we compare which one is cheaper, including which store is giving promos. Can you imagine when shopping using Promo or not, the price can be much different. Especially if what you buy is a product with a fairly expensive price. Promo discounts start from 20% to 90%, which is why people will look for ecommerce that can provide the best prices. Here is a list of Ecommerce or Online Buying and Selling sites that always provide the best promos, Most Promo Online Store.


Most Promo Online Store


Most Promo Online Store

1. Alibaba

The first recommended overseas online shopping site is Alibaba. This online shopping site was first launched in 1999 and serves buying and selling globally. There are millions of buyers and sellers who make transactions on Alibaba. On this one site, you can find millions of products in more than 40 major categories, including electronics, machinery and clothing. Alibaba’s active users come from more than 190 countries in the world with transactions flowing up to hundreds of thousands of orders every day. According to SimilarWeb data, the Alibaba site was visited by more than 90 million active users during the month of February 2022. In the previous months, the number of active users who visited Alibaba even surpassed 100 million people,



2. Amazon

The next overseas online shopping site is Amazon. This online shopping site was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is the world’s largest online store that sells millions of products, ranging from books, electronics, clothing, household needs, to entertainment. According to data from SimilarWeb, the Amazon site was visited by more than 2 billion active users during the month of February 2022. Not only online stores, Amazon also has several offline outlets that sell various daily needs.



3. eBay

The most complete overseas online shopping site that you can try is eBay. There are at least 147 million active buyers on the eBay site. In addition, you can also search for various products from 17 million sellers worldwide. eBay was founded in 1995, the beginning of this online shopping site became a place to buy and sell collectibles that are difficult to find. According to data from SimilarWeb, throughout February 2022 eBay was visited by more than 720 million active users. The majority of eBay users are from the United States.



4. AliExpress

Similar to Alibaba because the owner is the same, but even so sometimes the promos offered by AliExpress are bigger. But for the completeness of the product, usually if we don’t find it on AliExpress, the solution must be on Alibaba. It never hurts to try because AliExpress provides attractive offers for every shopping transaction. Free shipping is certain to all countries, but we can still get discounts and cashback. Also get offers for new users to get free items as gifts from Ali Express.



6. Etsy

Etsy is the place for arts and crafts products. This is where designers and producers compete with each other through their creative ideas. If you are looking for custom art clothing, gifts, and vintage-inspired items, then this is the best place for you. In an industry filled with online shopping apps, users are always on the lookout for unique items. They turn to Etsy for handcrafted and handcrafted items. This is the privilege offered. You can buy and sell there, get interesting promos every week from Etsy.



7. Walmart

Walmart is an American company that operates a chain of department stores. Founded by Sam Walton in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, United States. In its development, Walmart is also targeting the online market by building the website to reach more buyers. Today, the site is one of the largest and most accessed online stores in America. This site is based in Betoville, Arkansas, United States.



8. Best Buy is a company from the United States engaged in the retail industry. Founded by Richard M. Schulze in 1966 in the city of Richfield, Minnesota, United States. In 2004, Bestbuy was awarded the “Company of the Year” by Forbes magazine. This company focuses more on selling various products related to gadgetry, both for personal use and for household purposes.



9. Taobao is an e-commerce site from China that is similar to Ebay, Amazon, and Rakuten. Taobao is one of the largest international trading sites operated by Alibaba Group. This site was founded by Alibaba Group on May 10, 2003. Carrying the retail Customer to Customer (C2C) concept, Taobao provides a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online stores that serve consumers in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other countries. To date,, which is lined up as the cheapest Chinese online store, has more than 700 million products and is one of the most visited marketplaces worldwide.



10. Banggood

Then you can try visiting the Banggood site for overseas online shopping. Banggood was founded in 2006 in China. This online site sells products in retail to buyers globally. At least, there are 66 million registered users on this site. You can find millions of quality products from 30 main categories. There are more than 100,000 sellers of various products such as household appliances, sports, to clothing. Interestingly, you can choose a payment method through Alfamart. In addition, you can also choose a payment method via BGpay, PayPal, Multibanco, Dragonpay, bank transfer, and others.



11. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is India’s largest online marketplace, offering goods at attractive prices. From clothing and household appliances to electronics and other accessories. You can find the right product from more than 800 categories. It is a one-stop shop that attracts customers with cashback and offers significantly lower prices than its competitors. You can download this Snapdeal India application on both your smartphone platforms, both Android and iOS. The products sold on the e-commerce site are very diverse, ranging from electronic products, furniture, gadgetry, and so on.



12. Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce site founded by two brothers, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company is registered in Singapore, however Flipkart is based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. So far, Flipkart has managed to launch several of its own products which are named “DigiFlip”. Some of these products include; USB, tablet and laptop bag. Flipkart has received funding from investors multiple times, including $210 million from DST Global, $1 billion from Tiger global and South African media group Naspers, $550 million from existing investors. Until 2017, Flipkart is still receiving funding from investors.



13. Target Store is under the auspices of Target Corporation, an American retail company founded by George Dayton in 1902 in Minneapolis, Minesota, United States. Target is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, after Walmart.’s online store site has a similar concept as most other online stores. This e-commerce site sells various products, ranging from electronic products, household goods, and various accessories. Currently has services in two countries, namely in the United States and Canada. The company was ranked 36th in the Fortune 500 in 2013 and is a component of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. The trademark license is owned by Wesfarmers, a separate owner of the Target Australia network that is not affiliated with Target Corporation. This trademark license is owned by Wesfarmers, a separate owner of the Target Australia network which is not affiliated with Target Corporation.



14. Shopee

The Asian marketplace continues to crawl and is popular, Shopee, which is known as a subsidiary of Alibaba, continues to grow into a giant e-commerce in Asia. Millions of products are there and continue to grow, even many art products such as weaving, embroidery, sculpture, are sold there. Many promos are given and now you can shop and send to Europe and even America.



15. Carousell

A quality used goods marketplace, where you can get whatever you’re looking for. Most of them are used but still function like new. You can get almost half the price with the same quality. That’s not even included if you use the Cashback or Discount Promo. Search and find the product you want then choose the one you think is still good. This can be a solution for those of you who are looking for cheap items.


16. Berrybenka

Many people are also looking for various promos from Berrybenka, make no mistake because this Marketplace always provides interesting promos every week. Get the cheapest 100% Real price, you can prove it yourself by comparing prices in other marketplaces. In addition, get a special promo for Free Shipping without a Minimum Order. You can also get Discounts and Cashback to get the best prices. Save up to 50% on your purchases at Berrybenka, valid until the end of this month.



Much Sought After Most Promo Online Store 

Most Promo Online Store Cashback

The first, of course, discounts, discounts at the beginning are the most favorite promos. Prices are immediately cut so that the total to be paid becomes cheaper. Shopping becomes very satisfied because you can get certain products below the market because of discounts.



Discount Most Promo Online Store

The second is a Cashback type promo, a discount that is obtained after the Transaction is complete. Although initially the total price to be paid is normal, but later you will get a refund in the form of a balance that can be used to buy other products.



Most Promo Online Store

Most Promo Online Store

Most Promo Online Store



That’s a list of Most Promo Online Store that always provide attractive offers in the form of promos. The trick to getting the best price is to compare prices and check whether there is a promo that can be used or not. Later the final total price will appear, whichever is cheaper then that is the best and immediately Checkout because usually the promo has an expiration date.  Most Promo Online Store –

8 Types of Shopping Promo

For those of you who like online shopping, you must have seen advertisements regarding promos. It’s a loss for those of you who shop but never use the Promo because they don’t get the slightest discount. So the amount paid remains the same as the price of the goods sold, it’s different if you use a Promo you can get discounts of up to 90% besides that you can also get Cashback in the form of refunds of up to 50%. Profits are multiplied when using Promos when shopping, especially if purchases are made online via the Internet. So what types of Shopping Promo are most widely used in the world? Let’s sort from the most profitable.


Shopping Promo Most Used in the Worlds


Most Searched Shopping Promo

1. Cashback

Cashback is a type of promo in the form of a discount which will usually be given through a virtual account or e-payment from each e-commerce. This cashback can be used as a means of payment or a discount for future purchases. To get cashback, consumers usually have to make purchases with a certain nominal depending on the provisions of each e-commerce. For example, 25% Cashback Promo for Payments using Paypal, then when you shop for $100 you get $25 cashback. When the transaction you still pay $ 100 later after a few minutes will enter a Cashback Balance worth $ 25 to your Paypal account. For example, Cashback, discounts are obtained after the transaction has been successfully paid.



2. Regular Discount

Regular discounts are the most common type of promo applied by online shops, marketplaces, and other e-commerce. Usually this type of promo is marked with the initial price and the final price (the price after the discount), as well as the percentage of the discount. To get this promo, usually consumers do not need to meet certain terms and conditions. But be careful, the bigger the discount offered, it doesn’t necessarily result in the cheapest final price compared to other marketplaces. Because sometimes a marketplace or online store intentionally marks up / raises the initial price, then gives the lure of big discounts, even though when compared to other marketplaces, the price drops are the same. Tips Don’t be immediately tempted by the high number of discounts. It’s best to compare it with other marketplaces first.



3. Thematic Discount

Similar to regular discounts, thematic discount promo types also offer discounts in the form of a percentage or discount with a fixed value. The difference is, to get this discount, consumers must enter a unique code which we usually call a voucher code, promo code, discount code, coupon, and so on. Usually consumers have to enter this unique code when they are at the checkout or payment stage. Things to note when using a voucher code are the terms and conditions, usually in the form of customer status (new/old customer), minimum price, minimum/maximum quantity, maximum discount, transaction time, and so on. Sometimes consumers feel disappointed when the voucher code they use turns out to be invalid. This can happen because there may be terms or conditions that are not met. Example: An online store is currently having a 20% discount promo using the voucher code HAPPY19. Terms & Conditions: Minimum purchase of $200, only for new customers, only for Monday transactions. With the conditions as above, those who are entitled to a 20% discount on the use of the voucher code are new customers/accounts at the online store who make purchases over $200 on Monday. With a discount of up to $40 so the total paid is only $160. In other words Save $40 in that 1 Transaction.



4. Bank Promos / Payment Methods

Bank Promo / Payment Method Promo is a type of discount that only applies to customers who make transactions through certain banks or payment methods. This type of discount is usually held by certain banks with a marketplace. Just like thematic discount promos, payment method discount promos usually also require customers to enter a voucher code when making a payment. The thing to note here is that the voucher code between one bank and another is usually different. Types of Online Shopping Payment Methods:

  • Transfer to bank account
  • Payment of e-commerce transactions at ATM machines
  • Cash on the spot/Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment by internet banking/debit card
  • Payment via supermarket/Post office network
  • Payment by electronic money
  • Installment by credit card
  • Installments without a credit card



5. Credit Card 0% Installment

Credit cards are one of the easiest payment methods to use. It’s so easy, many credit card holders are blindfolded when shopping, both offline and online. Basically, all credit cards do provide installment facilities for their customers or consumers. When a consumer makes a purchase in a marketplace and chooses a payment method in the form of credit card installments, each month the consumer will receive a credit card bill equal to the price of the product purchased divided by the tenor, plus monthly installment interest. Now, with the 0% installment promo, consumers feel relieved without having to spend more to pay the installment interest. This promo is very useful, especially for purchasing products with relatively expensive prices. Now credit card issuing banks are also competing to offer 0% installment promos in collaboration with several marketplaces.



6. Product Bonus (Buy 1 Get 1)

Product bonuses are a type of promo that allows consumers to get bonuses in the form of goods for free when buying certain products. Usually this bonus is in the form of items that are still related to the main product purchased. For example, free softcase for purchasing certain smartphones, free monopods for purchasing certain brand cameras, and so on. In addition, there is also a bonus soda drink for the purchase of burgers and potatoes. As for Buy 1 Get 1, for example, buy a Cinema ticket 1 get 1 free so you get 2. Or an example of a Boba drink for a purchase of 1 free 1 cup so you get 2 drinks.



7. Free Shipping

This is the type of promo that is being intensively implemented by several marketplaces in the world. The free shipping promo, aka free shipping, does indeed provide a special attraction for consumers, because consumers are no longer charged with shipping costs until the goods arrive at the destination address. However, usually consumers must meet the terms and conditions applied by several marketplaces. These terms and conditions are usually in the form of minimum purchase, maximum area covered for free shipping, maximum nominal free shipping, etc.



8. Reward Points

Point Rewards are a smart way to engage consumers. By giving points, it is hoped that consumers will be enthusiastic in carrying out activities on certain e-commerce sites. Consumers can collect points which can later be exchanged into discount coupons, shopping vouchers, and other bonuses.     Those are 8 types of Shopping Promo that we often encounter, why use promos? The goal is of course to save on the amount of payments when shopping. Advantages of using Shopping Promo:

  1. The price of goods purchased becomes cheaper
  2. Without the hassle of having to haggle, you already get a discount
  3. Total price paid less
  4. Promo money can be bought for other products
  5. Can get other products for free



The Reason People Hunt Shopping Promo

Shopping Promos to save money

I once postponed shopping for 2 weeks because there was no promo that could be used, luckily the product was not really needed so I could wait patiently. After 2 weeks finally shopping because there is a 30% Cashback promo with a total cashback of around $35. That is one of the reasons why many people hunt for promos before shopping, because they can save money.


Shopping Promos get other products

Purchased Console Games for $599 with a 30% Discount Promo worth $60 USD. Because you have saved $60 the money can be used to buy other products, maybe Games, Controller Sticks, Console Accessories? Or maybe it can be used to buy other products that you need.


Shopping Promos get Bonus

Not only saving and also getting the cheapest prices but also you can get attractive bonuses from Special Promos. Like getting free products from the Buy 1 Get 1 Promo. Other product bonuses related to the items purchased. For example, when you buy an LED Digital TV, you get a free Bluetooth Speaker. This is very profitable and even becomes the most awaited promo.


Shopping Promo

Shopping Promo

Shopping Promo



Even though using a promo, it doesn’t reduce the quality of the product or anything else. So don’t worry because you still get products with the same quality even though you pay less, because the promo was made by the seller and of course it has been carefully calculated. Shopping Promo –