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Everyone wants to own a house, especially for those who have just married or have just started a family. In fact, many people are diligent in working and saving with the aim of owning their own home. The price is not cheap, many people are willing to live frugally in order to buy a house, because one of the mandatory needs in this world is to have a house. Free from rental fees and live comfortably in your own home. Another reason is that if we have our own house, we will feel happy when designing a yard, garden, or anything in it. Because if one day we rent or leave, of course it is very unfortunate. Get to know information about Home Insurance Benefits that you should know.

Home Insurance Benefits Information


About Home Insurance Benefits

But there is one thing that must be considered when one day we already have a house, one of which is Home Insurance Protection.

     Please note that  Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers loss and damage to an individual’s residence, along with the furniture and other assets in the home. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage for accidents at home or on property. Home Insurance Benefits policies typically cover four types of incidents to the insured property: interior damage, exterior damage, loss or damage to personal assets/items, and injuries that occur while on the property. When a claim is made for one of these incidents, the homeowner will be required to pay a deduction, which is essentially a self-incurred expense for the insured.For example, a claim is made to an insurance company for interior water damage that occurred in a home. The cost of bringing the property back to livable condition was estimated by the claims adjuster to be $15,000. If the claim is approved, the homeowner is notified of the deductible amount, say $3,000, according to the policy agreement made. The insurance company will issue a cost overpayment, in this case, $2,000.The higher the deductible on the insurance contract, the lower the monthly or annual premium on the homeowner’s insurance policy. This greatly reduces the risk when we experience unwanted things in our homes. It’s like having an umbrella ready before it rains, because home repairs are very expensive, even if we don’t have insurance, we pay 100% of our own costs. 

     Each homeowner’s insurance policy has a different liability limit, which determines the amount of coverage the insured has in the event of an unfortunate incident. The standard limit is usually set at $100,000 to $200,000, but policyholders can choose a higher limit. In the event that a claim is made, the limit of liability sets the percentage of the sum insured to be used to replace or repair damage to the property structure, personal effects, and expenses for living elsewhere while the property is being worked on. Acts of war or acts of God such as earthquakes or floods are usually excluded from standard homeowners insurance policies. Home Insurance Benefits who live in these natural disaster-prone areas may need to get special protection to insure their property from floods or earthquakes or other disasters, This is very helpful because humans do not know when a disaster will occur, it is not even a disaster when we forget to turn off the stove. causing the fire to occur as a Human Error. So insurance protection is very important to protect our homes.



Homeowners Insurance Comparison with Mortgage Insurance

     You need to know that a homeowner’s insurance policy is also different from mortgage insurance.  Mortgage insurance is usually required by banks or mortgage companies for home buyers who make a down payment of less than 20% of the cost of the property.  The Federal Home Administration also requires those who take out FHA loans.  1 This is an additional fee that can be included in a regular mortgage payment, or as a lump sum fee that is charged when the mortgage is issued. You should ask a lot of questions when you want to apply for Home Ownership Insurance, so that you don’t choose the wrong company that provides Home Insurance Services. Don’t be tempted by cheap prices, but later it will only give you problems when you claim insurance.


Home Owner Insurance Comparison  with Home Guarantee

     While the terms may sound similar, homeowners insurance is different from a home warranty. A home warranty is a contract made that provides for repair or replacement of home systems and appliances such as ovens, water heaters, washers/dryers, and swimming pools. These contracts usually expire after a certain period of time, usually 12 months, and are not mandatory for the homeowner to purchase in order to qualify for the mortgage.A home warranty covers issues and problems that result from poor maintenance or unavoidable property damage — situations where homeowner’s insurance does not apply. Because when damage occurs, the Developer or Home Seller is usually not responsible for the losses that occur. So that the role of insurance is very important for homeowners to have. Set aside income to buy Home Insurance, at least we feel relieved. 



Home Insurance Benefits

  1. Protecting the Houses We Live in

The main reason for a home insurance policy is to protect your primary residence, the part of the house where you actually live. Imagine dealing with a total loss due to a house fire or extensive (and expensive) damage from a hurricane or tornado. Ideally you should insure your home at 100% of its value, but at least 80% to 90% is pretty standard. Minor damages, major damages, and total replacement costs will be covered by most policies. This will really help you when it happens, maybe in a few years you feel you don’t need it but keep in mind Disaster no one knows when it will happen.



  1. Protecting Other Homes

Even though you have many houses (more than one) and you may not live in them, insurance is still very important, especially if the house is empty. We may not continue to monitor the house that we do not live in, even sometimes we will ignore the house. Even if it is rented, usually people who rent will feel indifferent to the house they rent. When there is damage they may just move away. So that homeowners play an important role in maintaining, fear of damage so that all costs can be paid by the Insurance Policy.



  1. Protect Separate Structures

     The second most important component of homeowners insurance is coverage for your detached structure, which may include garages, sheds, fences, dog houses, and more. Typically, split structures cover up to 10% (or other percentage) of the coverage limit for your primary residence. But you can adjust your policy if you want additional coverage for separate structures on your property. It is possible that parts of our house were not damaged during a disaster, but parts of the yard were badly damaged which required repairs. This can be part of insurance coverage.



  1. Protect all the contents of your home

     Home is the most comfortable place in the world, even though the house is small, it is still a place for us to return to. A place to shelter from the Heat and Rain, and of course a place for every family moment. So no wonder we feel very sorry for the house even though it is an inanimate object but we will continue to clean it up, tidy it up, decorate it, even when there is damage we will immediately fix it. Whenever you get home insurance, you will need to take an inventory of all the appliances, furniture, electronics, and other personal property in your home that will be covered by the policy.If a covered event (such as a hurricane) damages or destroys any part of this property, you may be eligible for partial or full reimbursement, depending on the specific terms of your policy. This is a major benefit of this kind of insurance that is often overlooked by homeowners. Yet this is one of the important things we must know.



The first step when there is damage to the house and how to claim home ownership insurance:

  1. Don’t Panic and Gather Evidence

Don’t easily believe anything, including insurance companies that offer sweet things when you first sign up. Therefore, when damage occurs, the first step is to collect evidence in the form of photos, videos, and if necessary, witnesses such as our neighbors. This is very important when claiming insurance. Make sure you collect all the evidence in a map, this will be an important ingredient so that insurance can be claimed quickly. Don’t panic and make everything fall apart, think calmly and positively.


WAIT… 20 second

Wherever you are now using Formulis, before you will be faced with Insurance Company Staff. Fill in the form and explain in detail so you don’t get it wrong, fill in your personal data the same as when you first applied for an insurance policy. You will then fill out a claim document that is sent to you or provided via the company’s online or mobile claim portal.  One such document is your proof of loss form, in which you provide your personal information, the cause of the loss, the part of the house or property you claim the loss for, and the estimated amount of the loss.  You can also submit photos or videos of current damage proof. By law, a claim form must be mailed to you within a certain period of time after your initial contact with the insurance company.  Once you have filled out the required paperwork, be sure to send it back to your insurance company quickly to avoid delays. Immediately fill in and submit it to the Company so that your application can be followed up immediately and everything will be processed immediately.


  1. Contact the Insurance Company

Once everything is ready it is time to call your insurance company and let them know about the incident. The insurance company claims professional will likely tell you if the loss is covered by your policy and how long it will take you to file a claim. You can also be given a rough estimate of the amount of the loss and whether it exceeds your deduction or not. Other information – such as how long the process will take and whether or not you need to obtain a repair estimate for structural damage – can also be provided. Consult everything so that your house is repaired immediately and later you can propose some things that you think are important. Don’t be shy or embarrassed because this is your right as an insurance owner.


  1. Include Evidence and Documentation

To speed up the claim process, you should include various requested documents and don’t forget to include proof. In the event of, say, a claim for loss of personal property, you must prove the loss before you will be sent a reimbursement check. Usually if you provide valid information and complete proof of documentation, the company will immediately provide the proposed Insurance Claim. Without having to wait long, your house will be repaired soon.


  1. Make a Police Report

If you feel that the Company is evasive and provides an explanation that you think is lacking, then it is better to consult with your attorney. Even if necessary, you should report it to the local police. You understand if the company is long-winded, for many reasons, making it difficult then the most appropriate step is to report to the Police. Usually a sneaky or naughty insurance company will immediately be followed up and this will speed up your insurance claim business. That is the reason why we must choose the right insurance company. Because if it’s wrong then later when we claim, we will find it difficult.



Best Recommended Home Insurance Company :

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  • Allstate
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  • State Farm
  • USAA
  • Tourist
  • Farmers
  • Lemonade


Before deciding to buy Home Insurance Benefits, you should first find out about the price and benefits. Make sure it fits your budget and don’t ever be tempted by cheap prices because usually Home Insurance with house prices when claimed is difficult and can even be called a scam. So make sure to always read about form Home Insurance Benefits before deciding to buy it and pay for it every month.